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Price Verifier – Loyalty – Marketing

Retail outlet managers know the importance and value of last minute marketing. It is also good customer service to provide self-service tools to allow customers to find information without assistance from store associates. Stylusoft’s all-in-one retail solution provides three (3) important features in one application!

The application was designed to run on the Motorola Solutions MK series of price verifiers. The MK series provides a high-resoluion screen and various communications options built-in. When not being used for price lookup or loyalty card point status the price verifier application will continually display marketing graphics.



Price Verification

Using the build in bar-code imager customers can scan the item and get the latest price for that item. Customer must wave the item just below the verifier to scan it successfully.

Loyalty Card Integration

The bar-code imager can also read a loyalty card and perform a lookup on the lastest point status or in-store deals available for the card holder. This feature is optional and does not interfere with the other functions of the application when not being used.

In-Store Marketing

When the price verifier is not in use it will continuously display marketing graphics and information. There is no limit to the number of panels and the timing and sequence is managed by your own marketing department.

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