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Mobile Asset Auditing – SAP Edition

ATMConceptAsset Trak is Stylusoft’s all-in-one solution for quickly moving asset records from an existing enterprise asset management system onto a mobile device for in-field and off-line asset auditing.

The application was created originally for deep support for the SAP asset management module. Over time Asset Trak has evolved to work with most all asset management solutions. Customers wishing to deploy Asset Trak should consider using a rugged device capable of working all day without the need for connectivity.


Ease of Use

One of the challenges of using an add-on feature is complexity. With just a few mouse clicks SAP data is sent to the mobile auditing device and ready to use.

Desktop Partner

Asset Trak is really two (2) applications in one. A desktop application that moves data between SAP formated files and the mobile auditing device. And a mobile device application that provides an easy to use interface for performing asset audits and profile updates.

Not Just SAP

While Asset Trak was originally designed to make mobilizing SAP asset module data as easy as possible the application has since been updated to work with most all asset management systems including Stylusoft’s own Inspect 7/24.

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