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About Stylusoft

It was 12 years ago in 2004 when our first mobile-2-cloud customer went live! As a company committed to high quality products.We only work with the latest technologies and industry standards Our solutions provide great value because they are adjusted to address each customers unique requirements


The Internet-Of-Things Era Is Here!

The “internet-of-things” has arrived!

In early 2016 we updated our cloud hosted facility and property management solution (INSPECT 7/24) to include new features enabling lights-out environmental monitoring. Monitor temperature, humidity, moisture, smoke, vibration, pressure and more. When problems happen a trouble ticket is automaticaly created and dispatched to assigned resources responsible for managing the issue.

The “internet-of-things” or IOT really comes to life with INSPECT 7/24. With features for automating environment monitoring as well as RFID “radio frequency identification” your valuable assets are monitored automatically. The RFID asset tag tracking and movement alerting features in INSPECT 7/24 equals the invisible security guard.

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